The New Global Trading Order

"The international institutions that have governed global trade since the end of World War II have lost their effectiveness, and global trade governance is fractured. The need for new institutions is obvious, and yet, few proposals seem to be on offer. The key to understanding the global trading order lies in uncovering the relationship between trade and the State, and how the inner constitution of Statecraft drives the architecture of the global order and requires structural changes as the State traverses successive cycles."

Ari Afilalo-Professor

Ari Afialo is a man of multiple talents. He was born and brought up in Paris, France, where his parents had immigrated from Marrakesh Morocco via Algeria. Coming into the states as a French Moroccan Immigrant, Ari has found a place of profound respect and acclaim in the society, thanks to his various contributions and involvements for the betterment of Moroccans and the Sephardic life in the area. Ari is an active member of the French Moroccan community and can be seen passionately involved in various Moroccan activities in the region.

Sephardic Jews immigrated from East to West, leaving behind the astounding communities they had built in the North Africa, Central Asia, Middle East, and other regions. New York has a community of over 9,000 Moroccan-Americans. The dozens of Moroccan communities in the United States, speak to the poignant presence of their heritage. He is a respectable and widely renowned member of the West Side Sephardic Synagogue. Sephardic life is prospering drastically in the tri-state region, especially in Manhattan. Some of the highlights of the Sephardic life in New York include Sephardic synagogue, Torah classes for French Moroccan Jews (in French) and the Hachnasat Safer Torah lecture series. Hevrat Bakashot is also a great example.

Ari, along with his cousin Sacha, replicated the ancient Bakashot societies found among the Jews of Arab regions, particularly in Morocco and Syria. They would sing liturgical songs based on the weekly Torah portion; each city its own traditions and tunes.

He is an also expert of international trade and is currently engaged as professor with the Rutgers Law School in the New York city. He left the world thinking with his quintessential book titled. The New Global Trading Order: The Evolving State and the Future of Trade. Apart form his contributions to the Moroccan community and practice of teaching international trade laws at the Rutgers Law School, Ari devotes his leisure time to music and deep research.

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