Ari Afilalo- Brain dead means complete death?

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Ari Afilalo is a well-known Jewish personality settled in NY. He represents the Jews community and takes all the pride and remains close to the jews teachings and laws. In this blog, we will discuss death and brain dead in Judaism.

Death- a reality and a big truth of our life. When the whole body shuts down and stops working within a short time. It is not a simple process but in some cases, it is a very complicated process. Due to the advancement in the technology used in the medical field, a lot of organs can work independently. Moreover, with the help of this medical technology, medical device or equipment can replace the working of an organ of the body. But this medical support a human up to some extent. In some cases, it is very difficult whether to declare a person dead. Because there are some questions which are difficult to answer. For example- When to declare an individual dead? When to remove an individual from the artificial respiratory system?

Answering these question is the responsibility of the science and medicine and is considered as less advanced if the Talmud is present. Talmud is a combination of ceremonial law and Jewish civil and legend comprising the Mishnah and the Gemara. In that, the Rabbinic law introduces the broad case material and principles that can be implemented completely on all generations. Hence, the Talmud does not discuss the definition of the death directly but it gives the principles that can be used to determine the definition of death.

In the Jewish religion, the Talmud permits violating Shabbat or Shabbat prayer if you need to rescue somebody under the rubble of a building. The Talmud direct and explains to determine the area of the person who is under the rubble to know the person’s alive or dead. The foremost option is to uncover the rubble-buried victim until reaching the nose, apparently, indicate to look for the sign of the breathing. The second option is to uncover the victim until reaching to the heart, as the rescuer will get to know the signs of the heartbeat. The Talmud determines that searching from the head down is sufficient.

Does brain death is a complete death in Jewish? According to the Talmud, the brain death is a complete death of a person. Whereas many people argue that brain dead is not a complete death because the patient with a brain dead still has a working heart. To know more, contact to Ari Afilalo.

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