Ari Afilalo: An Expert In International Trade Law, A Member Of Sephardic Synagogue

International Trade- Ari Afilalo

A French Moroccan immigrant, living in New York City, Ari Afilalo is a specialist who has thrown a flood of light on the international trade system. The New Global Trading Order, is the one of the finest examples of his writing. Apart from this, he is the only one who kept his close eyes on Hispanic Heritage. Through his writings, you will come to know about his in depth knowledge about Sephardic community as well.

The Evolving State And The Future Of Trade

While pointing out to the international trade systems, he further adds that international trade is not just crucial to prosperity, but to world peace as well. When we talk about the international trade order, the significant contribution of his book, The New Global Trading Order can’t be ignored. Well-written and well-argued, this book arouse the interest of the readers who are concerned with the following aspects of society:

  • International trade law
  • international economics
  • History
  • The issues of globalization

Just like the two sides of the coin, Afilalo has shown his keen interest towards Sephardic community as well. In New Mexico, a Jewish association recognizes some suggestive practices, disconnected from any consciousness of a Jewish past.

  • To light the candles on Friday night
  • To observing the Sabbath on Saturday
  • Not To eat pork

There is no denying the fact that the food habits of a particular community directly points out to their culture. Many a times, Hispanics used to practice Jewish culture without knowing it. In Eastern Europe, Ashkenazi (white) Jews learned to love Bagels And Lox. On the other hand, they cultivated different food habits and the Sephardic diaspora grew a culinary tradition of North African food such as:

  • Chickpeas
  • Okra
  • Dates

In the year 2015, Spain passed a law that could confer citizenship to descendants of Spanish Jews. In the similar way, Portugal passed a law, which some Brazilians may be eligible for.

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