Ari Afilalo – Have a look at Important Jewish Teachings

Jewsih Teaching

Ari Afilalo is one of the main jews personalities settled in NY. He represents the Jews community and takes all the pride and remains close to the jews teachings and laws. As Jewish is one of the communities believe in various Jews religion and believe in One God. There are various other fundamental teaching related to Jewish. Let’s have a look on all of them.

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God created the whole universe. It is the basic concept of Judaism. It indicates that the owner of the whole universe is God. Thus Judaism’s worldview is theocentric, not anthropocentric. There are also indications and explanations regarding the environment and its use. There is a complete direction to humans to not to misuse the resources available. Each and everything we have and use belongs to God and human have no right to misuse them recklessly. It is explained that God is the owner of ourselves. It is also explained in the High Holiday ceremony prayer that “The soul is Yours and the body is your handiwork.”


God’s Creation is good. Moreover, the creation of the God is beyond the understanding of a human. In Genesis 1: 31 it is explained that when God found all of Creation as “very good” it explains many different things. Foremost thing is that creation is sufficient, structured and ordered. The Jew’s priests often known as rabbis called it Seder Bereishit, the Order of Creation. It is also harmonious. It exists to serve God (Psalm 148). All of the creation of the God including the creation of humans is a part of the Order of Creation and all are subject to its nature (Psalm 148).


The Sabbath and other prayers help us to attain this mental stability. The Sabbath is a way to start to induce the insight of humanity and before Creation. It is also a style to live a stable life. It explains that out of seven days one we must limit the resources that we are using. The day is reserved for relaxation, contemplation and to ask to ourselves, that what is the purpose of our life? Prayers are blessings and when we do prayers, we build a moment or holiness, a sacred pause.


In the Torah, it is prohibited to consume the excess or the wasteful of anything. It is written in the Halakhah, the Jewish law. It prohibits wasteful consumption (such as- household goods, clothes, buildings, springs, food). According to Jewish law if we are wasting resources and we are violating the mitzvah (commandment) of Bal Tashchit (“Do not destroy”). To know more about Jews, click here.


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