An insight into Judaism and different religious practitioners

Jewish Sephardic and Judaism

The Jewish people form an indigenous community rather than solely a religious grouping. Judaism is the religion of jews. Jews have a different type of way of life that includes both practice and belief. Do you know the Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic religion that is still in practice till date? Jews believe that the God is the supreme power and he is the creator of the universe and judge of human affairs. There are some prophets and angels that are important and are believed to have some divine powers.

Jews follow Hebrew calendar. The calendar is based on the movement of the moon around the earth and has 354 days, 12 months of 29 or 30 days each with extra days added so that the lunar calendar conforms to the solar (Gregorian) calendar, and seven days in a week. The Hebrew calendar followed by the jews is based on the date 3761 B.C.E. According to jews, the world started on this date. The year 5748-5749 is equivalent to 1989 in the Gregorian calendar. There is a wide difference between the religious beliefs and practices between the Jews living in the different places. This is due to specific areas’ influence, orthodox and conservative reform, and modernization.

About religious practitioners- In jews, there is no hierarchy of religious leaders. The master or teacher is considered as the spiritual leader and often named as a rabbi. The rabbi is considered as a Pop or a Protestant minister or Catholic priest. In jews, the women can also be appointed as rabbis.

The rabbi (master, teacher) is the spiritual leader of the synagogue congregation. Today, the role and status of the rabbi is roughly the same as that of a Protestant minister or Catholic priest and involves pastoral, social, educational, and interfaith responsibilities. Reform Jews and reconstructionists permit women to be ordained as rabbis. While prayers are performed in a group by the cantors. The prayers are chanted instead of recited.

The jews live across the world. But the main population of Jews live in America, Canada, German, Russia, Polish, and Syria. Ari Afilalo is a French Moroccan immigrant living in New York City. He is an active member of West Side Sephardic Synagogue in the city and deeply attached to the jews culture and their music. He is a well-known expert in international trade laws.

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