The Interesting Facts About Latino Jews- Ari Afilalo

Latino Jews

Who are Latino Jews?

Before getting in depth information about the Sephardic Jews, it would be good to know about their identity first. They are basically the descendants of people who practiced the Jewish religion in Iberia and North Africa. Ari Afilalo is an expert on the history of the Sephardic Jewish culture. There are many other names given to  Sephardic Jews such as:

  • Spanish Jews
  • Latino Jews
  • Arab Jews

This blog will give you a brief information about Sephardic Jews that will help you to know the most important facts about Sephardic Jews and their descendants. They all play an integral role in the Latino community in the Americas.

1492: An Interesting Year In Spain- It is said that Christopher Columbus, who was a foreign entrepreneur planted the Spanish flag in a continent. And, not even a single European had any idea about that. In the same year, the first Spanish grammar book was published. Apart from this, all the Jews living in Spain were ordered to leave the country under the threat of death.

  • To Follow The Christian Culture-  As a result, these people preferred to hide their faith and converted to Christianity and were named as Jewish conversos.
  • Crypto-Jews started practicing Judaism under the guise of Catholicism as they hid their own tradition.
  • To Move To The United States: In order to move to the America, Spanish Jews had to lie when the Spain began to conquer and settle the Americas in the 16th century.
  • Hispanics Practicing Jewish Traditions: Without knowing anything about Jewish tradition, They started practicing the traditions of the Jewish people. A Jewish Association that is in New Mexico identifies the following practices of Jewish culture that  were disconnected from any consciousness of a Jewish past:
  1. To lighten the candles on Friday night.
  2. Not to eat pork.
  3. To observe the Sabbath on Saturday

Thus, the most interesting facts about Latino Jews easily evoke the interest of the readers to know about the major events involved with their lives.

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