All about Sephardic Jews of the New York City

Sephardic Jew community.

The state of New York is home to about 2 million Jews. In the 2 million, about 200,000–300,000 Jews are Sephardic Jews. The word “Sephardic” and its relating nouns Sephardi (singular) and Sephardim (plural) are fashioned from the Hebrew word “Sepharad,” which refers to Spain. Sephardic Jews is the term used to define the Jews with ancestry from the countries such as Spain, France, Holland, Mediterranean Sea, Palestine, Brazil, New Amsterdam, the Balkans, Mexico, and Syria. The present generation of Sephardic Jews living in the state of New York are the descendants of Sephardic Jews from the France and Morocco.

One of the renowned international trade experts Ari Afilalo is a French Moroccan descent who grew up with “Sephardic culture at home”. The majority of Moroccan Jews live on the Upper East Side, however, his family lives in the Upper West Side. Due to this, Ari Afilalo is an active member of the West Side Sephardic Synagogue and the French Moroccan community in the New York City.

Manhattan and Jews

The general iconography of Sephardic Jews has been Ashkenazic. Whether it is the pastrami of Katz or Russ & Daughters’ smoked salmon, the growing popularity of Sephardic dishes is allowing the Jewish population to establish themselves once again in the city of Manhattan. Whether it is the Judaica stores and tenements on the Lower East Side or the Hasidic diamond dealers in the Midtown, the Sephardic synagogue has been growing and developing as a global elite society.

The Jewish community and the atmosphere is very healthy for the kids whose parents want them to know and understand their culture and religion. The Sephardic Jewish culture and thought is strongly influenced by Greek and Arabic philosophy and science.

Ari Afilalo is the leading member of the West Side Sephardic Jew community. He is a renowned Professor of Law at the Rutgers-Camden School of Law. He is a specialist in international trade law, business transactions, and contracts. His new book The New Global Trading Order: The Evolving State and the Future of Trade is out.

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